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In this seminal book Harold Sala answers questions such as,

  • Can the Bible really be trusted?
  • Has the Bible been corrupted by being copied hundreds of times down through the centuries?
  • What is the case for Biblical credibility?”


Says Dr. Sala, “In recent years the divergence between what people say they believe and how they live has grown greater year by year. Large number of people, many of whom attend church with some regularity, say, ‘Oh yes, I believe the Bible,’ but never read it or study it and certainly are not much affected by what it says.” Dr. Sala believes that until people are convinced that the Bible is trustworthy and is true, they will not take it seriously.


  • The trustworthiness of this book
  • The uniqueness of the Bible
  • The powerful testimony of manuscript evidence
  • The voice of archaeology
  • The witness of prophecy substantiated by secular history
  • The correlation between science and Biblical statements
  • The impact of changed lives
  • The implications of “So what?”


Dr. Sala has a wonderful gift for teaching timeless precepts from God's Word in a way that makes the most profound ideas very simple to grasp—and even very difficult truth is irresistibly sweet. In this excellent work, he explains why Scripture is trustworthy and why it is important to embrace—and obey—the truth of the Bible. I love his infectious joy and confidence in God's Word. This book is a real treasure.

Supported by both scholarly evidence and engaging illustrations and examples, Dr. Harold Sala, who I respect and admire, has compiled a thorough resource that will answer your questions and renew your faith in the Holy Bible and give you the confidence you need to stand up to the challenges against Biblical truth and authenticity. I especially loved that Dr. Sala has included very powerful life changing testimonies and has given every reader a practical approach to Bible study. Clearly explained, comprehensive and helpful; this book is a must read.


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